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I am excited to welcome you to the second edition of Velocity , our annual publication for government and industry leaders to explore emerging issues at the intersection of mission and technology. In this edition, we’re placing the spotlight squarely on artificial intelligence (AI)—from adopting and deploying this uniquely powerful technology to using it responsibly (see our cover story on page 36) and channeling it effectively for mission impact. Advances in generative AI dominated headlines this year, as we crest the latest AI hype wave. Machines rapidly creating language and images democratized a sense of AI’s possibilities and risks. While there’s uncertainty about how the future of this technology will unfold, we do know that AI is categorically different from other past and emerging capabilities. Most important is its extreme ubiquity—the way it is poised to reshape all areas of human life. At this open-ended AI moment, I invite you to explore the insights we’ve gathered from experts across the industry landscape as we seek to expand and deepen our knowledge through fundamental questions: How will AI reimagine everything, from the global workforce to sustainability practices—and how should organizations proactively prepare, adapt, and respond? How will agencies across defense, intelligence, and civil missions harness emerging tools to accelerate capabilities and create decision advantage?

What advances in cybersecurity, edge computing, and quantum computing should be top of mind for government innovation? I hope you will find ideas and insights throughout Velocity that your organization can investigate further throughout your AI journey. As this collection demonstrates, the way we approach, build, and deploy AI to the mission today will set agencies on the path to meaningful, accelerated, and long-term impact. In this era of dramatic change, I believe we are well positioned to harness this singular enabler for good and to come together for responsible innovation. Thank you for joining the conversation.

Susan Penfield Chief Technology Officer Booz Allen

Booz Allen’s AI Adoption Studio in Washington, DC




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