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Table 1: Enhanced Customer Experience Operations

Keeping the Customer at the Center Ultimately, citizen services through the Federal Government will benefit from AI in targeted areas rather than carte blanche (see Table 1: “Enhanced Customer Experience Operations”). But whether AI solutions are powering user interfaces, streamlining back-end systems, or detecting fraud, the technology in and of itself does not improve experience. Therefore, as agencies embrace new AI-powered systems for service delivery, multidisciplinary disciplines— from human-centered design to data engineering to cybersecurity—should be brought together to address the nuances of mission requirements and deploy solutions effectively and responsibly for public use. Will Healy is a senior leader in Booz Allen’s technology organization with a focus on the recreation management space. Ernest Sohn is a data scientist in Booz Allen’s AI practice, focused on the integration of AI-enabled solutions for federal civilian clients.

This changing digital ecosystem will require ongoing dialogue and educational effort among federal employees and the public to create broader awareness around advances in fraud and to help citizens spot tell-tale signs of bad actors using AI against them.”

Basic Practices

Examples of AI Enhancements

Customer Experience Management & Measurement Quantitative and qualitative customer experience data is collected through multiple mediums before it is analyzed and shared across the organization, to identify opportunities for short-term service recovery and long-term systems improvement.

Using natural language processing techniques and large language models (LLMs) to parse large amounts of customer experience data, summarize that data, and provide customer trends.

Using generative AI to create personas, based on this research, to interact with customers or even test new features before they go live.

Customer Research & Synthesis Research provides actionable insight into who customers are, what they value, and how they feel when interacting with the organization.

Designing AI agents that seamlessly integrate to aid humans in end-to- end service delivery to address key pain points and enhance customer experience.

Product & Service Design Solutions are designed to improve interactions with customers and the underlying operations, systems, and policies shaping service delivery.

Santiago Milian leads Booz Allen’s CX capabilities, delivering human-centered digital strategies for advanced citizen services.

Integrating AI tools across the software development lifecycle (e.g., testing, generative software) to increase productivity of agile development teams.

Agile Implementation Products, services, and systems are developed, deployed, and seamlessly integrated into portfolios to create unified customer and employee experiences.


Service Delivery & Support Organizations manage the change inherent in the introduction of new solutions to customers, employees, and stakeholders by providing the necessary supporting infrastructure, training, communications, and governance.

Using LLMs to integrate advanced self- service and on-demand resources to help users navigate change and help the enterprise rapidly disseminate information.

The commercial sector’s increasing investment in AI for customer experience is shaping expectations for individualized and integrated services across industries, including the Federal Government. The government is leveraging AI to augment and streamline critical citizen services that can significantly impact citizens’ lives, such as health benefits, shelter, food, and employment. The government must ensure equitable service delivery to all citizens and consider potential biases in AI. AI tools should cater to the entire citizen population and varying levels of digital literacy. Moreover, the trust deficit in the government means that agencies must provide tangible value in return for the citizen-provided data, ensuring data protection and addressing concerns about AI- driven fraud. For AI to truly benefit citizen services, it must be integrated thoughtfully and responsibly. This will involve multidisciplinary approaches, combining human-centered design, data engineering, and cybersecurity. The ultimate goal is to keep the citizen at the center of all AI enhancements, ensuring technology genuinely improves the experience.

Using AI agents to route and prioritize customer requests and using natural language processing for sentiment analysis, to decipher language used in customer interactions.

Customer Service & Engagement Individual customer feedback is received and issues are identified and resolved in a multichannel environment, to build and maintain positive long-term customer relationships.




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