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NOTABLE CONTRIBUTIONS Jeff Collins, human performance lead at ŌURA “Unlocking Human Potential” George Flick, vice president, Ursa Space “Open-Source Overload” Corey Jaskolski, Chief Executive Officer, Synthetaic "Open-Source Overload" Jags Kandasamy, Chief Executive Officer, Latent AI “The Physical Impact of Data” “From Science to Practical Climate Resilience” Alex Kotran, Chief Executive Officer, aiEDU “AI for Everyone” Ramesh Kumar, Head of Product and Solutions for AWS Snow services, AWS “Managing Edge AI Sprawl”




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Tim Lortz, data scientist, Databricks “Generative AI in the Wild”


Ken Pratt, technical director, NASK Incorporated “Open-Source Overload” Wellington “Duke” Reiter, Executive Director, Ten Across “From Science to Practical Climate Resilience” Navrina Singh, Chief Executive Officer and founder, Credo AI “The Age of Principled AI”




Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Society for HR Management (SHRM) “A Workforce Disrupted?”



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